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Whether you work for a large or small company, every dollar spent on marketing should count. That means utilizing what is readily available and using the right tools to be productive.

In 2010, Telaeris started using a marketing automation tool called Infusionsoft which we talked about dalam posting ini. Our goal with Infusionsoft was simple at the time. Turn website visitors into customers. The formula was straightforward. Provide useful content to the email inboxes of our potential customers on a regular basis. In this way we were “nurturing” our customers, so when a genuine need arises, our company and products would be top-of-mind.

Saluran pemasaran
Aliran Pelanggan Sempurna

And it worked. One of our favorite stories was when a customer called to order our Program Inventarisasi XPressTools. He raved about the e-mails he received from our employee “Liz” and recommended we give her a raise. The funny thing was “Liz” had left the company some months earlier, but this customer was still on her campaign. It was so well done, that he was unaware that it was from the system. The power of the consistent followup was clear and powerful.

But our goal for Infusionsoft was otomatisasi pemasaran - bukan hanya memelihara e-mail. Kami menghadiri Konferensi Infusionsoft ICON and engaged with one of their paid experts for 6 months. We had committed significantly to the goal of being able to automate our marketing processes. While we received some useful information, neither paid the dividends we needed.

Selain itu, platform Infusionsoft memiliki sejumlah poin rasa sakit yang nyata:

  1. Complicated – new users need significant help to get started.
  2. Mahal - bahkan untuk sistem dasar.
  3. Fitur - hanya tersedia dengan biaya tambahan.
  4. Integration – available from paid partners.
  5. Advice – required paid “experts”.
  6. Layanan pelanggan - lambat atau tidak ada.

And even the parts that did work for us caused problems, such as when we needed to set up an email campaign for a trade show. Instead of our team focusing to create great content and marketing collateral, they would waste significant time fighting the vagaries of Infusionsoft.

Terlambat di 2015, kami menerima e-mail dengan video yang apik.

We liked the video form so much that we stole their approach to create our mengumpulkan video. Pemasaran mereka mendorong pemasaran kami - peniruan menjadi bentuk pujian yang paling tulus.

But their message was also timely. After not receiving answers to our support requests multiple times from Infusionsoft, we realized we needed to

Logo tetes

try something else. We enrolled in Drip’s free three week trial and here is what we found:

  1. Tanpa biaya penyiapan.
  2. Mengimpor kontak ke dalam Menitik cepat dan tanpa rasa sakit.
  3. Tidak diperlukan pelatihan atau konsultan berbayar.
  4. Tanggapan cepat dari tim dukungan pelanggan mereka.
  5. Fitur API web jarak jauh yang mudah.
  6. Dasbor yang bagus.
  7. Kurang dari setengah dari apa yang telah kami bayarkan untuk Infusionsoft.

Within 1 week we moved all of our campaigns to the Drip platform and migrated all of our web forms into our website running on WordPress. As an unexpected bonus, we found that we were able to import our customer lists into Drip for broadcast purposes, allowing us to send out our newsletter at no additional cost. This allows us to keep our MailChimp account with a smaller total list count, allowing us to drop a payment tier with them as well.

So is Drip for you? Maybe.

Drip adalah alat yang sangat fokus untuk pengasuhan pelanggan.

Itu tidak dibangun sebagai CRM (Kami menggunakan milik kami sendiri!).
It isn’t meant for sending unsolicited emails (MailChimp sangat bagus untuk ini).

But for us it did exactly what we needed – Drip Marketing. After a month, we are continuing to enjoy its simplicity and functionality.

Menariknya, kami mungkin akan tetap bersama Infusionsoft, membayar biaya yang lebih tinggi, had they been responsive. After not receiving responses to requests for a phone call for over a month – it was time to make a change. Below you can see our modification to their “perfect customer flow” which shows what they forgot. Your existing customers are your most important customers.

Saluran pemasaran
Kirim - Puas - Ulangi

Infusionsoft does a great number of things and I personally know people who are making it sing. But without having a certified expert on staff, I’m not sure how well it maps to small businesses these days. Drip has a fabulous laser-like focus for what we needed at a great price.

Jika ada alat yang Anda temukan bekerja untuk Anda, kirimkan bersama dengan membuat komentar!

* Kami tidak dikompensasikan dengan cara apa pun oleh Drip untuk blog ini!

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